01 | How much do lessons cost?

New Student
Total = $171 (includes the first 3 weeks of required lessons and a one time $15 registration fee.)*

You are required to register for no less than three weeks, in which payment for the full three weeks will be expected at the time of your child’s first lesson by cash, check or postdated checks. Please make checks payable to Pam Young. After the first three weeks, week-by-week payments will be fine.

Returning Student
$52 per week or $13.00 per lesson.*

*Tuition is subject to change due to change in pool rental fees, etc.

02 | How often do we attend lessons? And what days of the week?

Lessons are 4 days a week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - unless otherwise specified. There are occasions where adjustments will be made due to a holiday.

We will always send out an email reminding you of any changes in the schedule.

03 | How long is each lesson?

Lessons are 10 minutes long, 4 days a week (MTWTH).

Why 10-minute lessons? In short, children have small attention spans and learn in small increments of time. We like to keep them at the peak of their learning. Also, we do not want children to become fatigued or exhausted. For more information, see the Getting Started Q&A #9.

04 | Where is the pool located?

The pool is located a few blocks Northeast of Costco, in Orem.

See "Location" tab above for more
information including address and directions.

05 | What is required for new students?

If you would like to start your child in swimming lessons, please email us to get on our waiting list. New students are required to take 3 weeks of lessons, M-T-W-TH, with the option to do one additional week. The price for a new student is $171 ($52 per week, plus a $15 registration fee).

Before starting lessons, please fill out the Registration Form and read through the Getting Started Q&A. You will need to bring the completed Registration Form with you to the pool on your first day of lessons, along with your payment via check or cash. Please make checks payable to Pam Young.

06 | What options do we have after meeting the "new student" requirements?

After your child has completed the first 3 (or 4) weeks of lessons, we have found it beneficial for the child to take a break from lessons and practice with parents when possible. Children retain their skills very well! Here are some other options you have:

We recommend coming back for BRUSH-UP LESSONS. This is one full week (MTWTH) of lessons to remind your child of their swimming skills. We offer these on a week-by-week basis.

Another option is ONCE A WEEK LESSONS. After the initial weeks of lessons, and maybe a few brush up lessons, you can choose to do lessons once a week, for 10 minutes (for example, every Wednesday at 9:10 am). Once a week lessons are very limited. Let us know if you are interested and we will keep you posted on the availability.

07 | Do you offer make-up lessons or refunds, if we miss a day?

We do not offer make up lessons. However, if you know your child is going to be ill for some time or you are planning a vacation, you may give up your time and go onto a first priority waiting list. As soon as you are ready to come back into lessons, let us know and we will offer you the next available time slot. If your child is ill for a day or so, give us a call, text or email BEFORE, and you will not be charged for the lesson.

If you have paid for the required 3 weeks and miss a day, the amount for that lesson ($13.00) will be added as a credit to your account. You can use that credit towards another child's lesson, a brush-up week, or a once-a-week lesson.

08 | How does the waiting list work?

Instead of scheduling in sessions, each child is scheduled individually on a weekly basis. This allows us to give each child time to master their swimming skills at their own pace.

The waiting list is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. We understand that this can be tricky with your schedule as parents, but we assure you that we will get you in as soon as possible. We will contact you a week in advance to let you know of openings.

When emailing us to get on our waiting list, please let us know what the best possible time frame would be for your family (anytime between 8am and 2pm). We will do our best to accommodate around nap times, vacations or work schedules. Please note that if your availability is limited, it may take a little longer to get on the schedule, but we won't forget about you! We want to make these lessons helpful for your child and convenient for you!

09 | What do we need to bring with us to the pool?

You will only need a swimsuit, towel and swim diaper (if child is not yet toilet trained). We have goggles and swim caps you may choose to buy at the pool, but otherwise they are provided during the lesson.

Getting Started Q&A